CrossCountry Cowboy Church

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The purpose of NEXT STEPS is to clearly communicate the four foundational steps of spiritual formation – like a GPS – to becoming a fully-devoted Christ follower.


Step 1 – “Living in Christ”: Learn about the spiritual journey that God has for each of us to follow Jesus personally and publicly.


Step 2 – “Becoming Family”: Learn about how our church is organized to promote your spiritual growth, what we believe, and how to connect with others by joining a Small Group.


Step 3– “Fulfilling Purpose”: Explore your personality, spiritual gifts and opportunities which reveal a path to the unique purpose God has created and equipped you to fulfill.


Step 4– “Worshiping in Service”: Enrich your worship of God by learning to share Christ effectively with others and by serving on a team, making a God-honoring difference in the lives of others in our church, community and our world.